10 biggest mistakes that make your web design unprofessional

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December 20, 2016
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January 20, 2017

10 biggest mistakes that make your web design unprofessional

To make your own website may seem like a good idea if you are limited by money. Well, later when you start doing capital will angazhiratei designer, and then worry about less important things.

Think so, right?

But the design is more important than you can imagine, especially at the beginning of the operation when you want to expand the business. When the waters online company, the opinions of visitors are always based on the details of your design.

Customers need to keep your attention. They already believe several large brerndovi, so why should suddenly begin to trust you and to you? Therefore, if you do not want to lose, you have their attention and delighted in the first few seconds.

The details are the ones that make the difference and that they must be carefully selected if you want to build brand trust and to accumulate income. In this post, we will talk about the most common mistakes in web design that make amateur designers. Even if you have limited design capabilities, you may notice some of the most common design errors that provlekle vashiotdz in web design.

Note: The examples used in this post are companies that requested the opinion and feedback on the above mentioned websites.

1. Improper use of samples

I do not approve the use of patterns in large its sales, but in small businesses can understand the need for their use. However, if you already use model would be desirable to hire a designer who will tailor the form according to your branding. Then, you can get even a really good product.

A common problem with web pages built with pre-designed templates weak visual link between the logo and the rest of the website. Often there are colors in the logo are not repeated anywhere in the rest of the site, or fonts that do not match the fonts on the page.

Therefore, if you save the package to develop the brand, try to form at least not so obvious.

2. Using predetermined look

Different, yet equally terrible mistake to use predetermined design for the website of your company. Nobody will zalazhete using Open Sans. It is difficult to distinguish between all the web pages that use the same design, and that it can be detrimental to your brand.

What will issue a Font Awesome, who, like Bootstrap, gained great popularity thanks to the extensive library of almost all icons with consistent visual language. If you use this in addition to the interface kit it is completely wrong, but is not your application should be poorginalna three generic icons?

Why not try to find another, more detailed set of icons to illustrate the main points of sale? Or a crazy idea, why not hire an illustrator to do it for you?

3. Problems with contrast in typography

The fonts are much more important than most non-designers think. They can complement or completely destroy your design.

The most common problem of web designs that are “homemade” is that often there is very little contrast between the letters in the title and body text. Adding different size of letters will not do the job. Use letters with bigger font for the title and make it to be obviously more important than the rest of the text. This will help to build the hierarchy and subtly leads the eye through the contents of the website.

4. The use of dark backgrounds

The color of the background covers the largest part of your website, so choose carefully.

As a rule, completely black backgrounds never look good unless you are professionally designed. White is a reliable choice, but most designers increasingly use light gray. Bear in mind that the darker shade of gray, so difficult to read black letters on it. It is best to stay below 15% of black to gray to have a bright design.

5. More similar calls to action (Calls to Action-CTA)

Each page of your website should have only one main call to action. Visitors will be confused if you give them an action which should finish. Then they’ll probably need more time to decide and to act, and that it may be the main reason why they leave your website.

Required eliminate as much as possible calls to action and make people make decisions without much pondering. Whether it will be a button or selecting a login, do the obvious choice by graphic will highlight that part, while the other options make them less attractive and less pronounced.

6. Problems with the settlement and empty space

Setting the empty space can be difficult. Leave enough but not too much empty space around elements is the hardest part of devising design. But we can simplify a few simple rules. First, all elements properly group them and second, leave enough space around the groups.

7. Retail text

Writing articles is difficult, but the Internet is very important to be able to convey the point. especially if you are trying to sell something. You must be sure that the text is easy to understand and to be examined by a lecturer who has corrected all the grammatical and spelling errors.

Often I read strange sentences in the text of web pages that look like to other prototypes in positions that should be referred to the first stages of the development of the site. It is very important for someone to re-read the whole text before the Web site to be announced.

8. Problems with the readability

If the text can not be read, already does not matter how good. Many small details can affect how you read the text, and consequently, as will be seen in your companie.

Carefully decide problems as a small amount of order, small font or too little contrast blended content and background. Although these things actually the most lushe not cause a real problem reading, however, the very fact that there is a problem on your webpage makes it look less professional. Imagine Facebook with such errors!

9. Inconsistency

Ideally, your brand would be consistent. Wherever they show up, whether it be social media, advertising on Facebook or offline, your users must be able to immediately recognize your brand.

But first let’s go back a step back and make sure that it is consistent with the our website. Do you have styles that pass over your font? Are the colors of your logo perfectly match those on the website? Do you use the same color or shade or just something about enough? If you keep your CSS files organized and delete all unnecessary code, you will be able to correct the problem with inconsistency.

10. Design is that trend

Whether we like it or not, farewell to skeumorfizmot for now, and all the web pages that use heavy web designs with shadow and spilling just looking old. Although you can try to improve by adding 3D effects, it is best to look at creative options offered by the flat design.

These are the 10 most common problems that I met analyzing a number of homepages of newly opened companies. Now review your website again and make sure to follow the advice given in the text.