5 tips for designers and 5 tips for developers

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February 10, 2017
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January 9, 2018

5 tips for designers and 5 tips for developers

Here is the best 5 tips for designers ande developers…

5 tips for designers

  1. Explain the theory to the design of a simple way to help your programerot understand where it comes from aesthetics.
  2. Think of them interactive elements and the way you work for your own design. Design all stages of interactivity.
  3. Design completely. Do not expect a programmer to copy and edit the parts that are similar to each other. Create element for each condition.
  4. Seek help in the work process. If you are unsure whether a particular font will work on the web, ask!
  5. Provide usable file formats for your items. The items you need to the appropriate resolution and size for use on the web.

5 tips for developers

  1. Teach them the basics of web design. If you know at least a little theory of colors and fonts, and even language it will be much easier.
  2. Be honest about what you can and can not do. If a designer is trying to do something that can be transmitted on the website, the earlier you tell, the better.
  3. Be available for questions and assistance during the design process.
  4. Get involved in the process from the beginning. Help with design ideas that will work with UX.
  5. Maintain the integrity of the design in the programming process. (And even the parts you do not like or that you disagree.) If something visually without change to be a “programmer” reason will not get anything more than an enemy.

The best tips for designers and developers who are not new but are still relevant principles of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. These are the four principles that all designers and developers should work (live).

  1. People and interactions over process and tools
  2. Software that runs over detailed documentation
  3. Cooperation with customers over business contract negotiations
  4. Adaptation to changes over blind monitoring plans

Skills that anyone can benefit

To bridge the gap between designers and developers and to have better cooperation, both professionals need to know how to speak a foreign language. Designers and developers should begin to expand skills sets. Every designer and developer should have a basic knowledge of:

Basics of design like color, space and typography
Optimal sizes and formats of images
Basic understanding of HTML and CSS
Use of Web Fonts
Trends in design and programming
Understanding of customer wants and needs
Networks, frameworks and functional displays


The question is no longer whether the developers and designers need to work together, but how to better understand the obligations of the other. Ultimately, both professions have one goal: to create a phenomenal website.

What you really need to consider is “the design- programming.” The reality is that programming is design, and design programming. You can not have one without the other, and as web design becomes more complex, this povekje will become reality. So perhaps what we really need is a new description or a name for the job to show that web developers and web designers are related.