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September 21, 2016
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8 reasons to learn Java

To clarify one thing: if you learn to program will open many opportunities and you will have great benefits. You can learn from home, you will be required in the labor market and it will be fun. 8 reasons to learn Java here are.

There are many programming languages from which to choose, and I personally do not believe they are competing against each other. All languages are created with a specific reason, they progressed and contributed in one way or another on the progress of technology. Comparing their importance refutes the reasons for the creation of languages.

Each language has its strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, a great language that you need to know is Java. The reasons for this can be summed up in just one sentence: Java is a mature language. This leads to:

1. A lot of information

Because of the long existence of Java, almost every issue you can think of has already been asked, answered, and indexed perfected through democratic votes on the Internet. Indeed it is almost impossible to crawl headlines internet problem programming in Java without having to get a solution.

2. An amazing set of tools

Java has a rich API, and excellent open source ecosystem. There are tools and tools for everything I wanted to do. There is also an excellent process that leads from the community and providing progress in the right direction.

3. Software that leads by example

Java is an object oriented language. Internally supports all the best practices of object-oriented design and advise you to follow and learn them. Promote correct use, and many of the documented design models using Java as a language de facto. Understanding of design patterns can lead to code that is easier to maintain.

4. Amazing editors

IDE development environments that are available for Java are fantastic. Because of its characteristic language which strictly defines the type, they will not only advise you to do, but your suggestions, with clear explanations on how to reformat the code. Once you start to use these environments for development, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to work without them.

5. The Ubiquity

Java manages everything you can imagine. In it the largest end applications because of its scalability, reliability and easy maintenance. Currently the Java community is trying to assert itself as leader of IoT (Internet of Things). And it happens. Too fast. In the near future, your alarm will automatically include your electric coffee pot, and in the background probably will run Java.

6. Many jobs

There are a huge number of jobs that await you because of the ubiquity and the many uses of Java. Many different sectors accept the language with ease so you can find jobs that suit your interests.

7. Android

All Android applications are written in Java. If you learn Java, you can publish applications that you always dreaming to develop them.

8. Easy to learn

Java is a language with many words, what initially seems like a disadvantage, but once you master the basics, you will much easier to learn advanced concepts, because the language is very explicit. In addition, the market offer different courses that will introduce in this powerful language.

What you waiting for? Time to learn Java.