Content marketing in numbers

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October 16, 2016
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Content marketing in numbers

About content often witness and writes. Content marketing in numbers and we have written about it several times. Content really is very important in the world of digital marketing – without investing in blogs, e-book, infographics, videos … brand is practically doomed to unrecognizable, and probably to fail.

For all the unfaithful Tome and those which still need an incentive to open their eyes and saw the content, below are 10 statistics that testify why the content is on the throne of digital marketing

  • Content marketing will generate $ 300 billion to the 2019th
    67% of companies in 2016, plans to create more content than the previous, and 60% have created at least one element of content daily.
  • Brands that lead to your blog have a 13 times greater chance of ostvarnivanje return on investment.
  • 74% of readers believe the educational content which brands are sold, as long as it does not force a sale.
  • 93% of B2B companies shows that their content marketing generates more of leads from traditional marketing stalata, where 85% of marketers say that the generation of leads most important goal in their strategies in 2016
  • 88% of B2B companies use content marketing, and buyers in B2B model feel much more personal connection than is present in the B2C model.


Content se pokazao uspješnijim i isplativijim u privlačenju leadova od tradicionalnog marketinga

  • The cost of content marketing are 62% lower than the cost of traditional marketing, but at the same time content marketing generates about three times more of leads.
  • Professional nurturing of leads corresponding content results in 50% more of leads who are ready to buy, and reduces the cost of the procedure by 33%.
  • Blogs are the most effective techniques in marketing content to 75% of marketing professionals, followed by newsletters and infographics.
  • 22% of marketers allocated user experience as the biggest opportunity, according to which will develop content marketing.