How to first major Web Design client

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September 21, 2016
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How to first major Web Design client

If you’ve ever wondered how some designers manage to find projects that pay better, or if you ever bored additional work that comes with minor clients, then this article is for you.¬†How to first major Web Design client?
Time to find your first major client in the world of web design.

Of course you have designed a business card for the company of your brother. Yes, the local donut shop you have requested to design your Facebook timeline cover-by. But it is time to find a real client. Customer that will be long term and who will depend as much as it depends on you.

Here’s how:

Gain experience

It’s hard to get closer to successful customer and to seek part-time work, if you have nothing behind valuable. First, work for smaller companies, and once you gain excellent pieces in your portfolio among all your works and take them to the big customer.

If you can not find enough work to generate a portfolio that will speechless, take a redesign. Change the design of the websites of companies that would like to work.

Some designers to gain experience, they decided to work for agencies first few years.

Regardless what you choose to do, do it better and faster. The more expertise and experience to show your major clients, the better for you.

Seriously explore

Once you are ready to deal with those that you order, complete the homework, because if you accept large companies will probably work with them long term.

Therefore, explore how they treat freelancers, their fees, as other employees think about them and their way of working, and how they look their options for design.

Know it their business as long as you know yourself.

Prepare work – Solve a problem

People in large companies are busy. They have a million things on your head, and although we would like, they do not have time to review his web design and branding.

One of the fastest ways to convince the client that a successful company should hire you to find than you need at the moment and to offer a solution.

Some of the most successful freelance designers I know, had this approach and they paid off! They found a large company whose website was outdated. Then (without fee beware!) Sent documentation to the manager of communications which were:

SWOT analysis of their website
A few key tips on where to act to have more traffic to the site to attract more visitors
Eg to improve the design – arranged in Photoshop
The most common answer? We are committed!

The worst you can say? Sorry, but we do not look designer now. Thanks, you have in mind for the future.

Be able to make cooperation with its first major customer in web design is more difficult than it seems

I do not want all of this looks easier than it really is. After all, to start cooperation with the customer truly successful is hard. Several times you can not, you will have lows (even too much) before making a real hit.

But the whole work that will invest in the end will pay off!

Why you need a successful customer?

Now, some of you say, “What if I want to work for a big company?”

And I realize.

Going for big kompanuii is a real nightmare for some freelancers. But here’s why I think it is high time to find his first big customer:

Steady income.

Even I know a few designers who get paid every month regardless of the work or not on the website of the client.

Really nice deal.

Oh, and you can do that!