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Web Development Trends for 2019

The web development industry is rapidly growing and developing, setting new trends on daily basis. If you want to stay ahead of the game you have to predict the future trends, and utilize them.

7 trends for digital marketing in 2019

We have already entered in 2019, and we are still expecting to make some predictions about the next big trends in digital marketing. Industry experts...

Creatives, Here Are Some Graphic Design Trends That Could Dominate In...

Graphic Design Trends That Could Dominate In 2019

UI Design Trends for 2018: free ebook by UXPin

Many of this year's web design trends did not just appear out of nowhere - they've been evolving over the past few years. Design systems, for example, is a major trend this year, but has been evolving from style guides and pattern libraries for years.

Digital Marketing Trends for Next Year 2019

Most important digital marketing trends for next year 2019. At each of my last three keynote addresses, I was asked this simple question: “What...