Top 6 Graphic Design Trends of 2019


These days, Internet has become the primary market for businesses and the place where customers notice almost all of the brands they go on to patronize. We have, over the past decade, entered a new age of marketing where a business’s web presence and how it portrays itself on the internet is much more important than how it works. This age of graphic design-centered business is perhaps still young but is certainly here to stay. It is, therefore, crucial for graphic designers to know what’s on the horizon for the art form.

Here Are Some Well-informed and Widely Agreed-upon Graphic Design Trends for 2019

1. User Experience –

There is a dire need of developing designs that focus on the needs and wants of the end users. It’s high time that designers consider the user-centered design approach as the customers are no more mere spectators but actively take part in all the processes. Most businesses have started believing that innovation is extremely elusive. It is essential that you establish empathy with the users.

2. Smart navigation –

As more and more people “gö mobile,” it is vital that you make the navigation system easier on your site. Instead of having complicated and great navigation, try and have a simple and a smooth navigation system with just four to five items. Such navigation helps your site visitors stay longer on your websites.

3. Modular Design –

No one likes reading long texts these days. Having a modular design, where everything is built using a block grid pattern, makes your website look more colorful yet informative. According to Designshack, modular is a popular website design option right now because it falls in line with some other quite trendy elements such as a flat design.

4. Flat Design –

Gone are the days when the masses liked 3d graphics. Today, most of the digital models have become increasingly flat and simple. Design experts predict that this trend will continue and, in combination with the fact that people’s attention spans are constantly growing shorter, it will cause the production of many more infographics drawn in the “flat style” used to convey information. In a nutshell, replace the blocks of text by infographics as they are simplistic yet attractive.

5. Visual storytelling –

As web page design has evolved, putting images behind the main content of the page to serve as backdrops has become familiar. At the same time, embedded web videos have become an often-used element of homepages, thanks to YouTube. According to experts, these two design elements will merge, and web page backdrops will consist of cinemagraphs.

6. Realistic/Material Design –

This design trend may become the biggest of design trends of 2019. This style guide was created by Google to simplify the way designers design and users interact with the Internet. Try and create a website that plays on the familiar flat style of graphic designs and adds aspects of motion and depth. You could use drop shadows with depth and add bright bold and consistent colors to give your website a touch of realism.

These are only some of the design trends of 2019.


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