7 trends for digital marketing in 2019


We have already entered in 2019, and we are still expecting to make some predictions about the next big trends in digital marketing.
Industry experts predict: Digital Markets, more and more are needed with more developed practical skills! We highlight 7 that were interesting to us. 🙂

Digital operations and advertising enter in-house
In 2019 it is expected that companies will divert more and more co-operation with marketing agencies to their own offices. By creating content like paid social, display and pragmatic purchases within the company itself, they hope to reduce costs and timeframe, as well as full ownership of the data.

Voice Search
Officially we opened the doors from our homes to robots and now we communicate with them daily. More relevant digital sites predict that 50% of all searches in 2020 will be voice-over … and that’s only for a year! 🙂

Predictive email automation
With the huge mass of data obtained, the use of automation systems is increasing and an increasingly personalized email is expected. But instead of the strategy of email programs that go back to analyzing those data, an overview will be made of what will be the next need of buyers. If presented correctly, a predictive email should not be a daunting concept. No one is scared when Amazon suggests something based on the user’s purchases and profiles. 🙂

Existing visitors will return to focus
New and fresh leads and acquisitions, super. But what about existing users? Automation will begin to take care of tasks such as returning customers before moving from the buying process or before leaving the site. Automatic re-engagement campaigns, e-mail campaigns for abandoned cart, e-mail / packet retrieval e-mails. Although some of these already exist, a step forward will be artificial intelligence that will work to identify these instances of resettlement and optimization of time.

Featured Snippets
If you have visited Google’s search engine lately, (and to be honest, who’s not?) You’ve probably noticed that the most important search engine is trying to answer questions right away on the search results page (SERP). Whether you are asking about temperature, how much is Tokyo, or “what is featured snippet?”, Search engines are moving in the direction of providing answers to us instead of directing you to another website. Consequently, in 2019 the sites will strive to optimize SERP.

Optimization for video content
Kinds already make a boom through search results with a wealth of resources that are published on a daily basis. As a major driver of organic content, the video is expected to reach 82% of total internet traffic by 2022.
This means that transcripts for each video will be extremely important for search engines to be able to crawling the words of the video. Inevitably, videos will require optimizing similar to landing pages.

GDPR will be extended to countries outside the EU
Marketers are more than ever thinking about ways to manage user data carefully. Although GDPR started in Europe, subject to these regulations are all companies that are in business with some of the EU members. Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe in May 2018, many industry and trade leaders, as well as lawyers, are committed to creating similar privacy laws in all other countries and regions.


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