Developers – features of those goodies (It’s not a horoscope)


Though you think that all you need is to be smart, however, developers have some characteristic features that have nothing to do with writing codes.
Whether you are or want to be a programmer, you should not only think of whether you are hard-working or whether you are a good student, but also whether you have the character that will push you to survive in (and shake) the industry.

Do not get misunderstood, we do not think that everyone can be a good programmer. What we are trying to say is that it’s not just about getting a salary and sitting 8 hours behind the screen. If you think that what mathematics has done to you in the middle will help you master the programming faster and easier, re-examine it again. There are some characteristic features that you need to work out before jumping into the pool of good developers.

Take a look and see if there is anyone you might need to sharpen.

The most important thing is that they are passionate about their work

As in any field, there is no chance of being great at something if you do not want it enough. Do you remember when Steve Jobs said that you love the company and the job automatically makes you a good worker? I totally agree. Every one of us needs to love his work and wants to work with people who like him the same way. Such people always try harder and never stop finding new ways to do the job themselves.

Which leads to the next feature …

They never stop studying

Learn, teach, learn. It does not matter if you are a programmer or not, you do not have shuns to become great if you never upgrade your own knowledge and if you do not follow the latest trends. Unfortunately, this is true especially for developers, as well as doctors. Their knowledge will become obsolete in just a few years.

They think logically

Everything is logical. You will not be able to master the programming language unless you learn to think logically. For everything, there is a reason and purpose why and how it is part of the larger system and you will not be able to understand this if you do not come with a mathematical mind of programming.

They are good managers and have the skills to solve problems

The programming itself is solving problems. The daily work of the programmer is to build and do something to work, however hard and impossible it may seem. This means that you know how to solve problems is crucial.

On the other hand, we have already realized this – today everyone should have good management skills. This will turn you from a good to a wonderful programmer. Instead of blindly following someone’s guidance you as a good programmer should be able to lead a team and goal, a big and serious project.

They know how to work under pressure

Perhaps you are still not aware of this, but working as a programmer can often be very stressful, which means that in order to fully empower you need to learn how to work under pressure and how to control it. As you program, you will realize that not everything will always function properly and you will probably start to panic. You must not let this panic interfere with your work.

They know to work with deadlines

And when we are already talking about pressure, the biggest reason he appears is the deadlines. They are as entertaining as reports. No man in the world has said that he loves them, but everyone has to face them. So to be a good programmer should respect the deadline. The one who will learn to respect him is already automatically a better worker. You have to know how much time will take away a particular project and how to coordinate the pace in order to reach the deadlines.

They’re great with people and are great team players

The idea that being a programmer means you do not have to have sharp communication skills is completely outdated. You probably will not need to make a sale, but you will definitely contact the managers, clients and associates. What it means is that you have to be a good interlocutor if you plan to be a successful programmer.

Additionally, there is no connection whether you are a programmer or not, you have to learn to be part of a team. The chances are not to be the only programmer, and even then you will have to co-operate with sales staff and managers.


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