Does your marketing team use SEO?


People from the online marketing sphere are killed by work to reach the first Google search results. Over the years, many black hat and white hat techniques have been used for this purpose. So, the job is serious!

Good SEO is that it can get you to the top. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an optimization aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a particular website through an organic search. Yes, we know that you know what SEO is. But does your entire marketing team know what SEO is?

Statistics show that 80% of the employees in marketing companies who need to know SEO, in fact do not know. Check if your employees are part of this percentage, and if so, download something and change it.

To know if you are on the right track and if your team knows what to do, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you know what your team is doing during the month?
    You need to know at any time what your team’s tasks are. You can have a plan on a daily or weekly basis. There are many tools that you can follow. You can also request a report on the work done. In any case, you must keep up to date with their activities. If you do not know what your team is doing during the month, you have a problem.
  2. Does your team regularly provide you with a keyword ranking report?
    A keyword ranking report when talking about digital marketing is a must. You need this report to improve the marketing strategy. Measuring the results is a huge advantage of digital marketing, so it’s not very wise to use it. Plus, if a team knows SEO, it must know how to make these reports. And how will you know that he knows if you do not receive them? Keyword search is one of the main features of SEO.
  3. Does your team talk about content marketing and the need for content marketing on your site?
    Content is one of the most important elements in marketing. If you do not have good content, just like having nothing. And what is good content? The team must discuss this, share ideas and most importantly – know what the need is and strive to create and share quality content. If your team does not talk about content marketing and the need for content marketing on your site, you have a problem.
  4. Are you creating and publishing new, informative, relevant content every month?
    Have you ever had a whole month and your team not having shared new content? We hope not. How many new content have you posted to your team in the last 90 days? Visitors certainly want to read something related to your business. Even if you do not have a number of announcements in a day, it’s important to create as many content as possible, which will be relevant, new and informative. The team must be aware of this. If your team does not create and publish new, informative, relevant content every month, you have a problem.

We hope that after these questions you realize that you and your team are in those 20% who know what they are doing.


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