Have you met these Google AdWords myths?


We are sure that at least once you have gotten into some of the following interesting myths about using Google ads. As a paid advertising platform, available to all companies and local brands.

Myth no. 1 – Some agencies have written agreements with Google, which allow them to place ads on the top three positions on the left-hand side of the search results page.

Fact: According to Google, no company can sign the so-called. “Exclusivity Contract for Sponsored Links”. In most cases, the top positions are reserved for well-optimized campaigns. Every AdWords user who has at least once created the opportunity to create his own campaign knows that ads in search results are constantly rotated depending on many factors, such as Quality Score, CPC, Quality Landing Page, etc. All advertisers working on SEO and constant oversight of their campaigns have the chance to show their ads on the left and right of the search results page as sponsored links.

Myth no. 2 – Higher-level ads have better efficiency than those in lower positions.

Fact: In many articles related to Adwords, you can often find the term “gold triangle on Google”, which is actually a graphic representation of the results and positions of the ads most often clicked by users. If the ad is not intended for the exact audience, it will not attract the interest of the users even to appear on the first or second position. Ads should target users with a potential interest in the product, and the content of the ad text should attract people to click on it. In such cases, it does not matter if the ad is displayed on a second or fifth position.

Myth no. 3 – Nobody clicks on Google ads.

Fact: This is the easiest to reveal. With a little research this information is reached immediately. How much income do you think Google generates in a day only from AdWords? $ 1 million? $ 10 million? Google generates over $ 100 million, only from people who click on these ads. With an average cost per click between $ 1 and $ 2, it’s just over 50 million clicks per day.

Myth no. 4 – My web site is in English and I can not promote it on the Macedonian market.

Fact: This is not true. The main goal of Adwords campaigns is to advertise ads that will be shown to users who are interested in the product being advertised, who will understand the content of the ad and share it with their friends. That’s why advertising in English will be most effective in markets like the US, UK or Canada, French-language ads will be the most effective in France, and ads in Macedonian will be the most effective in Macedonia.
At the core of the creation of Adwords campaigns lies the detailed market research, as well as the analysis of potential users within that market. For this type of analysis, there are many tools, and one of the most useful is Google Analytics. If you have a detailed market analysis and the type of potential users you want to target within that market, you can easily and quickly create effective ads that will attract the attention of that audience.


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