How to be an irreplaceable UX / UI designer?


Today, new Tech startups are emerging, and more and more products are being launched on the market. Mobile and web applications are published almost every second, hoping they will not be another of the many options.
With this rush of applications, quantity will no longer be a measure of success, but quality and uniqueness will succeed.

Houston, we have a problem!

Minimalism is desperate. It’s not enough to work where the conformity rules. A number of companies are looking for the best designers who can program. You are more likely to find a great job if you know how to make an animation and a good logo. You also need to know how to make your design responsive to mobile devices.

Designer – programmer

Start learning to program to survive in the design industry. An excellent designer (designer & programmer = great) in the team plays a big role, especially if he knows front-end & back-end together.

Talking about the business idea.

Apart from the programming language, the designer should also consider the business language. You need to talk about the market, have direct communication with the CEO, and not just be a rockstar programmer. The company’s Mindset based blackboard designers who discuss strategies and present ready-made designer designs need to be constantly changing.


Instead of dividing into groups of businessmen and designers, the idea is to sit on the same table. Every designer needs to know what the ultimate goal is and how the product looks. If one CEO sees graphs and business models, the designer is thinking about a product that the audience will love. He is always at the forefront of a startup. You can not write a specific code and expect your users to buy your product, but you can show a well-designed product based on empathy, and then sell it easily.

The designer is synonymous with empathy

For the whole industry it is better for the designer to shape the business strategy than just to carry out marketing demands and to make mockups on a daily basis. He must know who the client is, what he designs and why he does it. If you want to be an irreplaceable designer, you should be aware of the responsibility that you carry, that is, the impact that you can make on the growth of the company.

A question of time is when in the designer’s CV these skills will be by default. “Install yourself” WIT attitude (Whatever It Takes), to make a replacement in your vocabulary with obstacles with situations. Everything depends on you, be exceptionional.


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