How to Choose the Right Website Fonts


Your website needs to reflect your brand. It’s not just about how you use your logo or a specific colour scheme, your choice of fonts play a very important part too.

Every element needs to work together to reflect your brand identity. It needs to mirror your business and the message you want to send, so it is distinctive from the competition.

You need to pick fonts that can continuously achieve all of this, but how can you make sure you choose ones that are right for your website?

Website Font and Factors for Consideration

Website Fonts Require Legibility

We know this is an obvious statement, but you need to make sure your website font is legible. No matter what size, weight, style or application, it needs to be easy-to-read on a screen and understandable.

If you even have to question it yourself, a slight doubt, you shouldn’t choose it. Make sure you go through a tried and tested process so you can ensure it is clear. You need to be confident in your font choices, so your brand message can be clearly communicated. 

Fonts that Reflect Your Personality

Your brand personality is the significant factor that makes you stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve defined this, you can make sure it’s consistent through your typography. With an extensive collection of font classifications to choose from, it will be easy to narrow it down once you are confident in your brand identity.

A starting point is identifying the different font classifications and their individual personality traits. Simply put, they are:

  • Serif – As the oldest font style, Serifs are traditional, professional and classic.
  • Sans-Serif – Sans-Serif fonts are contemporary, with a minimalistic and elegant design.
  • Slab-Serif – Slab-Serifs are bold, yet modern, with a thicker, heavier and square-shaped design.
  • Script & Handwritten – Based on calligraphy, these fonts add a more personal touch to a brand, whether you want to come across formal or informal.
  • Decorative – Quite self-explanatory, decorative fonts are for the more creative, quirky and elaborate personalities. 

Flexible Website Fonts are Favourable

Choosing a font is a commitment. Like your brand personality, it’s going to characterise your business and online presence for a long time. So, you need to think about how it will work across different devices and mediums.

Also, flexibility considerations include the font weights that are available. Different weights, like light, regular, bold and semibold, will help you keep consistent across your style guide. Rather than worrying about font pairings, you can lean on different font weights for headers and body text. 

The Huge Library of Web Fonts

Web fonts are specifically designed and licensed for use on websites. There are a number of web font services which provide you with an entire library of fonts for you to choose from, like Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts.

To help slightly narrow it down, we have chosen our top 10 Web Fonts. Do you see any you like the look of?

Logic's 10 Best Web Fonts



Coromorant Garamond

Josefin Sans



Playfair Display




Which Website Font is Right for You?

It is important to establish your brand personality before choosing a font. From there, you will be able to decipher which one represents your business best.

However, if you are feeling stuck or would like some help with your branding or website design, get in touch with us today.



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