Less known facts about Adobe Photoshop


Photoshop is probably one of the most powerful softwares ever created. A program that has revolutionized the manner in which photographs are processed, in the marketing world, and even in the way we see things.

It’s more than clear to us that there is almost no photo published in the public that has not been previously processed in Photoshop. Therefore, often the software is added to a negative connotation. But apart from retouching the faces from the front pages and curbing the curves of the models, this program has a far greater application.

There are three types of work in Photoshop depending on what you need to get as a final product.

Real processing – starting from an existing photo and the end product should look realistic as if it had not been processed at all (retouching, beautifying, photo fixing, fixing photos used for marketing purposes, etc.).
Extreme processing – we start from one or more photos and create works of art, posters, imaginary worlds that are clearly manipulating photos (usually creating art or transmitting a message, is not one picture worth 1000 words).
Computer graphics – we start from a blank sheet, on which we draw and combine various elements (flyers, posters, concept art, web design, mockups, etc.).

Photoshop & Web Design

More and more web designers use Photoshop in their projects, not only as a tool for making mockups on sites, but also use the ability of the program to export materials that can be directly used in web programming programs such as Dreamweaver and the like. In recent times, there is even the option to transfer material from the Photoshop to WordPress directly as a new topic.


Photoshop & Photography

If you are a photographer, knowing this program is required. No matter what you are shooting: models, nature, landscapes, etc. The possibilities that this program offers you will enhance the quality of your photos in several levels. By realizing the photos, you get photos that would otherwise be very difficult to get only with the use of the camera.


Photoshop & Blogging

Many bloggers today use this software to create appropriate photos for their blog. Often these photographs are connected to the Pinterest and carry a large portion of the visits on their blog web site.


And one more thing you need to remember about this program is that the only border is your imagination.


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