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Website are the most precious thing in the property of our companies today. We are aware of this for some time now. However, there are obviously still those who are badly involved and look awful when you open them from the phone. Is that yours?

Even if it’s not bad, to turn in order, to look okay on a small and large screen, is it still as good as it really can be? When you already know how important all this is, do you also devote the time and attention (and money) that she deserves?

It’s no secret that some web pages are better than others. It may be convenient for you to adapt to the most colorful and design that has worked well for the past 3 years, but you have to do much more than that.

Today, when you try to think of an incredible platform, and you do not want to waste your money, there are some nice web pages that offer some good and quick ways to improve your own design. The only thing that you have to do before starting is to make sure you know what you want! Think about this. What is it that each of us appreciates when it comes to beautiful web pages?

Your website must be quick and effective

It’s true even without saying it! Nothing flares more than a side that does not function properly and as I said – the good design is a functional design. Design and technique go hand in hand, so your platform must be designed in a way that matches all browsers. Creating a clean and fresh side is popular because of one obvious thing – it creates a better user experience.

Never forget to track the speed of the page and adjust it for all types of devices. Today, a huge part of the visits come through mobile phones and it’s simply horrible if it does not function properly from a small screen. The most important thing to think about is the size of text and buttons. Look at how the magazines are handled. They put a button to increase the text that is actually a great idea.

It must be beautiful, though

Is not that exactly the importance of design? To create things that look beautiful?

Do you know what is nice and cool when it comes to web pages? Simplicity. Probably true for everything else, not just for websites. With an overly complicated design, the only thing you will do is to confuse and intimidate the customers. No one wants to see tone colors at once. No matter how beautiful, people will not enjoy opening the sides of your platform if you are organizing different colors in the background.

Instead, choose a color palette and stick to it. Beareth them colorfully. There are lots of books and articles about what feelings the colors cause, so check and hint with your story and the brand branding of the company.

On the other hand, having a lot of free space on the page does not mean that you need to completely complete it. You have to understand the power of the void. Play with the content and try to put it around, but do not find the right place. The crowded sides are not easy to watch and are tense for readers.

The content should be clear and focused on a topic

There are probably many things that you want to put on the side, because you want to share everything with everyone. It’s okay for your company to have a lot of storytelling, it’s even great, but you have to stay focused. You have to work smartly and carefully select content. You need to reduce the volume of information on several topics, even if it is one.

Apart from being focused, you have to make sure that your website is clean. This means that if someone comes to your side, he will be able to cope and understand what you have to offer in just a few seconds, and is achieved by placing a slogan at the very beginning or by writing it the mission of your company.

A good way to check your progress and to see if you’re luring the right readers is to check the rates for entry, exit and bounce rates for individual parties. If the bounce rate is low it means that the platform encourages visitors to penetrate the bottom of the page.
But if a particular site has a large number of visits, and the bounce rate is huge
– then you have a problem that you have to solve!


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