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The Importance of Visual Impact in the Digital World

People are connected more than ever before in the digital era. The internet has revolutionized marketing with digital methods. The emergence of social media has further strengthened the prospect of digital marketing.

7 trends for digital marketing in 2019

We have already entered in 2019, and we are still expecting to make some predictions about the next big trends in digital marketing. Industry experts...

Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

For starters to clarify one thing - whatever you do, if you have a web site, own blog, or manage social media profiles - you will need content!

What is Content Marketing?

The consumer world in the 21st century can be called a world of informed consumers.

3 reasons why 84% of companies undergo digital transformation

According to Forbes, 7 out of 8 digital transformations fail.

How does digital transformation change the marketing funnel?

The marketing funnel is about to go like this: awareness, interest, thinking, intention, evaluation, decision. Typically, marketing is responsible for the first part of the funnel, and then the sale takes over.

SEO? What with that and why do we need it?

Lately, the term optimization is mentioned everywhere. Probably, they often told you it's useful to learn SEO. But do you know why you need it? We give you four reasons why it's important to learn SEO and how it can be found.

Tips for marketing your business offline

Are you one of those people who run a business and for the hundredth time say that they will promote their company mostly through...

5 Key Marketing Metrics: Why Use It?

When it comes to digital marketing, good news is that it can almost be measured. We can collect data from all sorts of sources....

Digital body language – the future of good conversion!

Marketing and sales today should be focused solely on the potential buyer - what he wants, what he needs, and when he is ready...