The warm and gentle “Living Coral” is the color for 2019!


The world’s leading color company PANTONE announced the color for 2019: “Living Coral” or “PANTONE 16-1546”.
According to them, the delicate, lively and warm color brings with them feelings of friendship, familiarity and security, evoking living marine coral which provides shelter and food for a large number of living creatures.

Unlike last year’s intense “Ultra Violet”, which hints at complicated and uncertain times, “Living Coral” gives hope that 2019 will be the year of relaying strained states in society.

The Living Coral should bring a sense of authenticity in a world that is “submerged” in social media and digital technologies.

The choice of “color of the year” by PANTONE began in 2000 years, in order to predict the trends in the use of colors in the global culture as “an expression of the attitudes and emotions of people in a given year.”