Tips for marketing your business offline


Are you one of those people who run a business and for the hundredth time say that they will promote their company mostly through social media?
Everything is fine, but we can not stop talking about social media and all the benefits that our company can have thanks to them. But did you ever think outside the digital box of the 21st century and exclude the possibility of online marketing for a second? It does not necessarily mean it will be boring. And more importantly, it’s not nearly as expensive as it was the last time you checked.

It can be really interesting given that many have stopped applying this, or at least those companies with whom we cooperate. And there are many reasons we will think of in order to prove that it can work: (1) Some of your customers may not spend as much time in front of the screens as you think, and (2) it can be refreshing and make you work to stand out among the crowd of competition. Think: the biggest and most successful companies are working with online and offline marketing.

We will not talk about putting expensive billboards anywhere in the city or to share t-shirts with a huge logo on them. Why not take into account the use of some fresh and low-budget strategies?

Focus on advertising in the newspaper

Yes, real newspapers and magazines. They do not have to be politically oriented like those your dad reads in the morning, on the contrary, you’ve thought about promoting your company through some college or high school newspapers? Certainly, if it’s your target group … The cost is small, and if you do, you will let it know that you exist in that larger and diverse audience.

Try sharing gifts through the media

People worship gifts, and we love to share gifts! The media know this, so they are more than happy to participate. Contact a radio station or TV station and offer them some of your products to share with their listeners. You can also offer a journalist some gift in exchange for a nice word for your brand.

Think about partnership

When we are talking about gifts, have you thought about finding partners? You can strengthen your brand by referring to some of the local individuals. Thoughts of bloggers, models, musicians and artists who have many followers. You can give them some kind of product and if you like to ask them to praise you in front of the people. If you do anything else with influential people, that’s always good.

Be a sponsor

When we are talking about influential people, why not sponsor them? Or if it looks like a huge bite, what you can do is to be a sponsor of a small event. Use the opportunity to share your message with the people.

Have ingenious business cards

It may sound bored, but think about this. They are not long used in the business world, but this makes them fun. Design some interesting cards. This will make you stand out and look more professional.

Never forget about networking

When we are talking about business cards, do not forget to share them. Go to conferences, local events, meetings, clubs and different business groups, whatever works best for your industry. You should never neglect the power of the constant assembly of new acquaintances.

Invite some of the potential lunch customers

Sounds really elegant, like something your father used to do before. So why not try it now? Catch potential lunch customers from time to time. This works well for the business-to-business model.

Organize workshops and offer professional advice

Everyone enjoys beautiful workshops, so the question remains why do not you arrange such a thing? You have the expertise, use the fantasy and create an interesting workshop for your potential customers. Show them how good you are and how much you know about what you are doing and of course offer them good advice and free knowledge.

Offer specific discounts, coupons, flyers and gifts

It is simpler and inexpensive to do this nowadays. Think of professional coupons or flyers, print them and split them. Imagine an interesting “campaign”, put the code for a discount on a beautifully designed flyer and leave it to places where your potential customers are gathering.


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