What is UX design and why it is a natural evolution in web designing


With the development of the Internet, technologies and the IT industry today, no company, institution, and any other brand that appears in the public can imagine today without owning its own website. It is no longer just enough to make a website, but it needs to be good design, striking, efficient, easy to remember, with a major emphasis on the user experience – all in order not only to keep the user’s attention, but also to help him find what he wants. So there was a need to go a step further in the design of the products – and here comes the UX design (User Experience Design).

UX design has the task of satisfying two sides – on the one hand, the business goals of the company that launches a product or service, and on the other hand the user targets of those who use the website or mobile application. Essentially, UX design should offer an experience that will enable the company to profit when the customer achieves his goal.

A typical example of this is Youtube – one of the largest video services in the world. The Youtube business model is to “sell” advertising space. Users, meanwhile, want to watch video. UX in this story is in offering similar videos or the Autoplay feature – users see more videos and achieve their goal, and through that they see more ads and achieve the goal of Youtube.

UX professionals use the UX principles to analyze and understand the product that users will use and try to find a solution that will be “real”. It is their responsibility to design the best and the easiest possible way in which the product can be used in accordance with business requirements, create the appearance and functionalities, create sketches and interactive prototypes to test all proposed solutions and adapt those solutions for implementation in the final product.

Of course, existing experiences are used and their meaning is priceless, but with real analysis of the habits and needs of users, as well as a constant revision of the steps, really great differences can be made. A great role here is played by the tools used. Experts recommend Adobe XD because it offers the flexibility and functionality required for rapid prototyping, analysis and improvement.

Within the Semos Education Training Center, the Academy of Web Design functions with a one-year professional program offering theoretical and practical study of this field, with essential subjects for fully mastering the web design, including UX / UI user principles. One of the lecturers of the Academy, Andreja Jarcevski, MA, says that the students of the Academy are particularly interested in the UX design, appealing to all web designers who want to create a quality product that will be at the same time functional, tailored to the needs of the users, simple.

At the Academy of Web Design, all students have the opportunity to learn the visual design and how it works, how to create web content and designs that are easy to use, how to design and develop interactive, functional and high quality web solutions.

“UX design is of great importance for web designing. It is created in accordance with the expectations of the user and his need for a website, mobile application or other software product. The secret to a successful website is based on the basic principles of design. However, the good design does not begin and does not end with the visual aspects of the product. To get satisfied users, the website must be “user-friendly” and accessible, with a major emphasis on the user experience. In essence, User Experience is the experience the user has with every aspect of our products and services, but in the context of web design and mobile applications, it refers to the experience with them from the first to the last step. UX design does not only design the user interface, but also the user experience, “said Andreja Jarchevski, MA, a lecturer at the Academy of Web Design.

What companies need such a professional in their team? The answer is all the companies to which the customer is at the center of the business, who understand the importance of the user experience and are extremely important for the success of the business. And after all, is not it the goal of all companies? Thus web designers who have UX knowledge are the “winning combination” required for each company.

UX Design is a logical step forward for any web designer regardless of experience and technical knowledge, since it is no longer enough to think in the direction of “how this will look” but “how this works.”