What is UX? What does a good UX mean?


With the development of the Internet, the term User Experience became a keyword in creating web pages. In recent years, everyone is talking about user experience and it looks like everyone can be a UX / UI designer. But what is UX? What does a good UX design mean?
User Experience (UX) refers to what emotions wakes a user’s product and what is his opinion about it. Is the product practical, effective, significant and valuable in the eyes of the user? The whole perception, the experience and the story it offers, in one package. The concept of design, just like the Internet, is indispensable in today’s world. People are increasingly talking about UX, and even consider it a key factor for greater market success. But when it comes to explaining what UX actually is, people do not have a clear picture.

Recognizing that we want to get something with the least work, an interesting answer is that the basis of the UX is human laziness. “Do what the user wants for the least amount of time”.

UX is the whole process of the product

Paul Hersey in his book User Experience for Product Designers says: UX is a specific process that is divided into 5 steps: prerequisites: user requirements, target; research: sketches, information structures, wireframe; design: model, mockups; quality assurance: speed, errors, details; feedback.

UX is a specific role (function)

UX designers are actually strategists who make solutions to the needs of the company. It is a process of designing business goals and a strategy for their realization.

Deep understanding of the user

UX design is a design method with a deep understanding of users with the ultimate goal of making solutions that will meet the needs of the user. The key point for the whole explanation for UX is usability, divided into 3 aspects: satisfaction: the greatest satisfaction of the user comes from the value given by the product itself, as well as the whole experience; Usability assessment: user testing, questionnaires, interviews and performance testing: natural UX: It does not only concern interaction, but also the very way of thinking. For each interface and interaction, the main idea is “do not make me think” or “anyone can use it naturally”.


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