Why and how any developer can be a good manager


Being a manager is really difficult. That’s why almost 12 thousand books on this subject have been written.
Well, you know the work with computer science, you write ranks of superior codes and have mastered more than one programming language. You are already a software engineer. Great. But is this enough for you? Maybe yes. But perhaps you are one of those imagined as part of the best software engineers who lead whole teams, earn much more money and sell wonderful products …

In that case, being a talented software engineer will not be enough for you if you want to be the best! For years, he has ignored and neglected facts, but you know it’s time to sharpen your managerial skills. There are certain skills that will make you different from a billion other software engineers, and these are part of them. Do you remember the most inspiring stories that you heard at school? According to them (and according to Liam Neeson) success is limited to having a set of skills. Successful people possess multidimensional troubleshooting and troubleshooting techniques.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but quite the opposite … To be a successful manager is too difficult. It makes sense that there is not just one approach for every problem. Some people seem to be born to quickly and easily find solutions (although that’s the case, it’s usually the case), and some need more training to improve themselves.

One of the things that you can do is to read the list of tips and techniques that is useful when it comes to managing people (something that a person wants to know before he starts working).

Do not forget to keep the right communication

Never, but never, you must not forget to thoroughly explain to people what is expected of them and what you want to do. Talk a lot. No one (probably) can read your thoughts, and of course you can not expect them to do it.

Sometimes it happens that we think that people know what we want or what we are trying to say without trying to share more details. But this is precisely what leads to misconception in the majority of cases, and even worse, to problems and complicated situations. People must know what their job is to do it well.

Extra advice: Tell them they can turn to you for anything. Create an innovative culture by letting them know that it is ok to make mistakes.

If someone does not do the job, tell him

This is probably the worst part when it comes to managing people. Telling someone that it’s terrible things and, moreover, that it can get fired is something incredibly painful for everyone. Being a manager means that you have to deal with such situations.

So if someone does not work properly – tell him! You can not stretch around for a full pity for the rest and without courage to approach and tell them. To postpone something will never solve something. Worse still, if you have a bad team worker, you can only demote the others. Give them the opportunity and direction to work better. Talk to them (point one) about what is expected and why they are not working properly.

If you see it does not work even after you try, release them. Yes, it sounds disgusting, but being a good manager means you should be able to fire people who have a negative impact on your team and company. Of course, you should first give them the opportunity to improve their work.

You are not friends. You are contributors.

Of course, you can be friendly. That should be! But being a close friend with an employee can complicate matters and make it difficult to be honest and receive fair feedback.

You should always be a professional. This should in fact be double-sided. If you are the one on the other side of the desk, you do not have to be too close to the manager, you do not have to know that they have broken your heart and how your partner left you while you are looking for a raise. Instead, focus on the work and on what you contribute to the company.

Be a man, but not too human at the same time

Never forget to put yourself in the place of the other. Ask how a person is just how much to ask. Make sure they use their vacation days. Take care of the well-being of employees and colleagues. Make sure they are happy and satisfied. No one wants to have a job with a cold boss.

Be careful not to exaggerate. As a manager, you should not allow yourself to justify people. What brings us to the third point – things know, but you are not friends.

And finally – do not forget that you will never stop learning

You will make mistakes and of course you will learn from them. Learn from good managers, and learn from bad ones. Read books and find a mentor. Having a mentor is always a great idea.


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