Why Do You Need Content Marketing?


For starters to clarify one thing – whatever you do, if you have a web site, own blog, or manage social media profiles – you will need content!

Content marketing is actually the simplest way to get new potential customers that you convert to consumers.
If you want to achieve this goal, you need to follow several rules that will help you improve the content that presents you online and to the target audience.

Meet your target group
If you want to have visits to your web site, which you will then convert to loyal consumers, you should first know what kind of visitors you have.
That is, to know what kind of content are interested in those who visit your web site, and how to use that same content so that you can win new visitors.

For this purpose, you need to consider the following questions:

What is your target group?
If you have created a business or marketing plan, it’s likely that the answer to this question is already known to you. But if you have not yet specified what type of people are in your target group, then creating a business plan should be your first step.

What information do you have regarding your target audience?
If you have visitors to your website, you already have certain information that will help you better understand your target audience. By using tools like Google Analytics, you will easily be able to find out what type of content is appealing to your visitors. This way you will know exactly what it works, that is, generate visits, so you will know and in which direction to guide your marketing strategy.

Do you really have a researched market?
Your existing customer / customer base is an excellent source of information. The simplest way is to ask your customers what they think about your product or service, feel they can improve, and have suggestions that will help you meet their needs. Some of the ways for this goal are an email questionnaire, or using the opportunities offered by social media. Another good way to find out the consumer’s opinion is to be constantly informed about the developments on the market. Find forums where you can read posts related to your industry, questions asked by interested people, and grievances that they have, and the like. Find the problem that exists and try inserting it into the content of your web site, blog or social media. Try to offer a solution to the problem your target group faces.

Create content that matches your business model
The value you represent is what separates you from other competitors. It takes time and lots of research to find the right way to present yourself to the target audience, but this step is crucial for whether you will win visitors and become consumers, or will continue to seek the solution for their problem on another website.

For this purpose, we recommend that you answer the following questions:

What is the problem? How do you contribute to its resolution? What is it that gives you an edge over other companies that offer the same or similar product / service?

Once you determine the value that you offer to your customers, you will be able to advance to the next step, or to develop a content strategy that supports your mission.

Set goals for your content marketing plan
As soon as you begin to create a strategy, you need to consider all the indicators that will guide you to measure the success of that strategy.
In this case, it can be daily visits to your web site, new registrations of your newsletter, or social media interaction.
If the number of sales is the main focus of your goal, then the number of completed purchases will be the indicator you need to follow. If you want to achieve a greater presence on social media, you will focus your attention on the number of content sharing you post. It is likely that you will have multiple sources of indicators that will help you understand whether you are heading in the right direction towards achieving the goals.

What is important to realize is that you need to constantly go back and analyze what tactics work, and what not and why is it. What do you need to change to return to the desired path that leads to the set goals?

Optimize your content marketing
Once you identify your target group, the value you offer, and the metrics that indicate how you are moving toward achieving your goals, you need to publish the content that will reach your customers.

It is very important to know what is your search for your target group, and it is related to your industry. For this purpose, you will need to review what are the recommendations provided by Google’s Keyword Planner tool. With the help of this tool, you will be able to more easily formulate the content you publish, titles and texts.

Also, every time a visitor comes to your site, you need to have quick and easy access to the sales process, and of course, an accessible way to share your content on social media. Do not forget to add an option to register your newsletter, that is, an opportunity for visitors to be notified each time there is a special offer, new product / service or seasonal reduction.

Creating content that attracts visitors is not a simple thing, but if you make enough effort, be sure that it will pay off.


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