Why is it the right moment to become a UX designer?


In recent years, the user experience design or UX (User Experience) has become a more popular theme in the web design community, in which the discussions rely on successful examples of a good UX design.

Regarding web sites, this term covers all aspects of user experience on one particular site. In other words, the visual layout, information architecture, ease of use, graphics, user interaction, everything. The design of the user interface and HCI, or Human Computer Interaction are included in UX.

UX design drags its roots from the late 40’s to the last century when machines became more complex and more prevalent in everyday life, but even in the 90s popularized the concept of user experience design and its connection to the use of computers.

It is a multidisciplinary field covering aspects of sociology, psychology, graphic and industrial design, and cognitive science.

The main reason why it is now the right moment to become a user interface designer is that companies are now precisely precisely precisely that element.

The impact of good user experience is clearly seen in Apple’s example. Every detail is taken into account, and nothing is accidental there. If you have ever been to one of their shops, then you know what the feeling is when you enter them. You feel safe and nice. You are surrounded by high quality technology, at hand you have help if you need it and, in addition, you can play with all the super devices that people talk about. You do not even have to wait for the order to pay.

This is a design for consumer experience at work, but the principle is the same, and the result. Who would not want to buy something from the lucrative Apple stores instead of Wal-Mart or Best Buy?

To see a successful example of designing an Intranet user interface, look at Amazon, which with the 1-Click Checkout process increased the conversion rate. The shopping experience was improved, and Amazon collected all the prizes.

Such examples forced companies to hire, or at least consult, UX designers to help them improve their customers’ experience. Sometimes complete processing is needed, and sometimes only in detail.

User experience implies providing the best experience your users can have by using your product. It may mean offering something different, unique, or familiar and pleasant, depending on what is most appropriate for you.

Why are companies now investing more and more in this area? Why was not this like this five years ago? The reason is simple: more and more companies are competitors in the same markets and develop the same products, so they need an advantage to stand out.

Here, let’s look at Apple again. Samsung, HTC and others have developed smartphones that can compete with the iPhone at different levels, so Apple needed something to stay in the lead. They concentrated on the user experience, including the interface, App and iTunes stores and their physical stores.

Customers began to notice how much time was spent on the details. Having a nice handset is great, but now customers are looking for more. They want the shopping experience to be something they enjoy, especially when it comes to more expensive pieces.

There is another, very simple reason why more and more companies invest in the user experience, which is that the user experience works. When they see the success of others with a good UX design, companies are willing to spend money to change something.

Larger companies have fully-time, full-time designers, even a full-time department with a Chief Experience Officer or CXO (Chief Experience Officer), while smaller companies hire consultants as needed. Regardless of the size of the company, UX design becomes an important part of the branding strategy.

It is important to note that the good design of user experience not only means happier customers, but also means bringing something new, something that no one else has recalled. Amazon were the first to implement and patented the 1-Click checkout process. There was not a single simple mobile interface to the first iPhone. The tablets existed before Apple released its first iPad, but Apple also created a reason to buy it.

The fact that Apple is one of the most innovative companies and that is one of the best examples of successful design of user experience is not accidental. The same, as it is not accidental, the fact that some of the most popular concepts of user experience are from many successful companies.

This shows us how much the difference can make. Companies that invested in UX earlier, now enjoy the benefits of their high-risk, but also rewarded, approach.

You do not have to be genius to understand: looking for designers of user experience. Just search UX jobs on a site for employment or part-time work and get hundreds of results. In fact, most of the web site design jobs currently in the description include the design of the user interface.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the number of skills that are being raised increases, and the number of team members decreases. This seemingly seems negative, but look from this angle: in order to be a UX designer, you should already be a graphic, web or multimedia designer. You can not start from anything, and become a UX designer for a day. You need a wider experience in design to specialize UX, which means that good designers of user experience have more than one skill. Fortunately, job advertisements show that just such designers are looking for.

Nowadays, graphic designers are expected to know at least a little to code, and from web designers to be able to cope with back-end development. The more skills you have, the higher your chances are, and if you add the design of the user experience, further increase.

At the moment, demand is high, but competition is also high. Becoming a good user experience designer is not an easy option, but is very profitable. Since it’s a field that covers several areas within you, different projects will require different skills, and individual skills such as coding or graphics will always benefit you.

If you have not started yet, it’s time to start. Review the work done in your portfolio from a user experience perspective. Take into account the user experience for each of your completed pieces from now on, and you’ll be on the right track.

Do you have included UX in your resume? Do Apple have a good UX according to you? Leave your posts in a comment.


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