Freelancer – For Yes (no)!


You wake up in a city you have not been before. You only have a couple of hours of work and then use your time in discovering local culture. It can be the day of a freelancer.

Freelancing provides different opportunities

  • Flexibility is one of the things that makes the freelance work attractive. Unlike the 9 to 5 syndrome, freelancers are those who determine their working week. They often have freedom in choosing a place of business. They can work from home, from a coffee bar or from an unusual location like a mountain or on a beach.
  • A “self-boss” lifestyle is often the motivation for freelancers to engage in such a challenge. The freelancers do not have a superior and they determine with whom they want to cooperate.
  • The chance of earning more money! The freelancers themselves have a desire to learn to be better and more productive, and to optimize their work. With this there are several projects. Better work means a higher fee.

What are the challenges ahead of the freelance service?

  • Well built network

A well-built network is one of the necessary things for a successful freelance career. The built contacts bring new projects, as well as ideas for improving the work.

  • Manage your own work deadlines

The deadlines set by your customers are not a problem. Each freelancer sets his own deadlines. These small tasks include marketing your business, setting up a website, and reporting taxes are harder to manage. Good freelancers master these skills.

  • The work engagement does not reach the door

Freelancer especially at the beginning will have to spend a lot of time in marketing, finding work and arranging for cooperation.

  • He is not afraid to fight for himself

A good freelancer knows what is its price and is not afraid to communicate its value.

  • Having savings to survive

Before fully engaging in a filenames adventure, having sufficient funds would be of great help. These funds will help keep the focus in developing freelance work in the first months without the burden of paying rent.

  • Work in isolation

Freelance service is an individual job and involves working from a home-based atmosphere. The freelancer is praising the work environment with people with similar ideas.

  • Hungry to succeed

Perhaps this is the most important thing. Freelance service must be desirable. Freelancing is not a lazy thing or a way to sleep nicely. Freelance service means you want to make a name for yourself, to fight for freedom, and to desire it now.

Is it worth it to start?

EVERYTHING. If you are thinking of starting with a freelance, then you need to freelance. Of course, you must lead, have confidence, and be independent. You need to take matters into your own hands. Start Today!