10 principles of good graphic design

  1. Good design has a good idea

It all starts with the idea. The idea leads to further thinking about potential opportunities. Thinking further leads to the concept of the whole concept. The concept ultimately leads to the only creative solution. It is the road that passes every good design. There is no shortcut.

  1. Good design is appealing

It will fall into your eye, it will attract your attention. The good design has its own charm and captivated with non-chastity and elegance. When you look a little better, you notice that everything is perfectly fit. Colors are carefully selected and interconnected, space is wisely used and is not flooded with different fonts, but one or possibly two, with subgroups, is used. You realize that the design is balanced and that makes it aesthetically extremely appealing.

  1. Good design is intelligent

A good design inscribes the meaning between rows. It is not only used with visible means, but also with hidden ones, perhaps not so obvious at first glance. Using the negative space, he achieves a positive result. When you find yourself in front of such a design, at the same moment you notice his ingenuity.

  1. A good design has a sense of humor

It’s not all black and white, of course, there’s something in the nuances. Good design skillfully handles colors, it is creative and does not hesitate to try something new. Even if you make a mistake, it’s not terrible, you will learn from your mistakes, and most importantly, the good design can joke and deceive a smile on your face.

  1. A good design is logical

If a logo is made for a winery, let’s say, it would not be good for the logo at first glance to look like a car or a tennis racket, right? A good design is purposeful, and in fact very simple and logical.

  1. A good design is multi-talented

When a single graphic view is created from the original idea, it can be further developed and adapted for multiple purposes. That is the basis for the creation of a visual identity. It does not matter whether it is a multinational company or a person who, on the basis of a personal website and his portfolio, cooperates with clients, it is necessary for the logo, business cards and accompanying elements to follow the same idea and to build on the same conceptual thread.

  1. Good design does not require further explanations

Even if the design solution is one line, if the line with the skill and skill of the designer is presented in the right way, everything will be clear.

  1. Good design is original

He does not try to imitate others, he is aware of his strengths and is sure of himself. A good design is unique. One, unique and unrepeatable. Created with a specific purpose and always functional.

  1. A good design is bold

Do not be afraid of everyone to give them the knowledge they are thinking. He is able to bring out what he has learned and proudly outlines what he represents. He is not afraid to sometimes risk, because he is aware that in this way he can get the best results.

  1. A good design is simply perfect

A good design, and thus the successful designer, can be a perfectionist. We agree on this. However, perfectionism in the case of graphic design is a desirable feature, because the smallest detail should always be taken care of. It would not be good after the completion of the creation of the complete corporate identity, for example, to discover that one dash, or even one point, remained “hanging” in the space, and nobody noticed it and it was printed. The good design can not happen to it, because it takes care of every detail, and also to remove unnecessary items. In other words, the good design does not boast him and the good design has no surplus.


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