Why Illustrator is the best Graphic Design program


Adobe Illustrator is one of the most diverse and rich software solutions from the Adobe Designer, but it was always unjustifiably in the shadow of Brother Photoshop. I will try to give a few answers to “Why you need to replace it instead of Photoshop and very often use it”

Vector graphics

Unlike Photoshop, the Illustrator is a vector program, which, in the simplest way, is everything you draw, from the most common illustrations to posters with many effects is in vector and you can increase it as much as you want without losing any quality. The logo will look perfect on both the business card and the billboard.

There is no better typography tool

There is no other software that will better manipulate fonts and typography. You will quickly create vector typographical designs that will look simple and minimal. Each character, each glyph can be modified as you wish.

Print and web simultaneously

There are mostly pre-defined dimensions regardless of whether it’s an online medium or a print. So the business card / flyer / poster is very easily adapted into a web banner or facebook cover.

Infographics and icons

Due to the special tool for graphs, you can easily import numbers and statistics directly from Excel and as such, you easily give a unique design. Due to the support of the .svg format, all of your icons will be flawless and pixel perfect for each responder and retina display.

Logo design design

Over 90% of all logos today are designed in Illustrator. Every idea of ​​a sketch drawn on a piece of paper can be easily redrawed and show your creativity.

A program that everyone can learn the basics in a few days, and in a short time I promise you to replace Photoshop, and become your number one program for all your designs.