Why you should learn Adobe Illustrator?


Each designer uses various programs to create his graphic solutions, however they believe it or not, there are graphic designers who have not yet worked in Adobe Illustrator. The primary purpose of this software is to create vector graphics, that allows you to create and edit vectors and designs that do not weigh a lot, and yet can be printed in high resolution.

This flexible program is really suitable for work, because it provides you with so many options that this time we would like to share with you!

You have complete freedom to express your ideas

With Adobe Illustrator, you have the complete freedom to create designs. You can express your ideas from scratch and reach a truly impressive graphic solution. You have the opportunity to create whatever you want using the tools of this software, you can edit the designs without changing their quality.

You can create logos

Each vector design can be created in Adobe Illustrator and thus ensure the high quality of the author’s creation. By using the drawing tool, you have the freedom to create shapes that fit your idea of the required logo. At the same time, the logo will be free of background, so you can apply it on any surface.

You have the freedom to change the size of your designs

As you create vector vectors in Illustrator, you can edit them and resize them without losing the image quality. No matter how you drag it, there will still be great resolution and super quality.

You can draw objects

All objects and drawings may look very realistic if they are created in Adobe Illustrator. By using the network tool and gradation tool you can create smooth surfaces and realistic shadows, you can highlight the details in your drawings, and the results really impress clients.

You can create animation characters

In Adobe Illustrator you can create super cool characters and mascots that you can then embed in branding or sell them on freelance web pages around the world. Use the pen tool, add color, and use the gradation tool to create shadows. If you want to make changes to the drawing or colors, you can do them very simply in Illustrator.

You can create icons

Icons are another thing you can create in this program. You just need to select the form in which you want the icon to be, and then customize it using the network option provided by Illustrator. You can then use them on your web site, add them to graphic print solutions, or post them on websites that purchase this type of icons.

You can draw infographs

With the help of info graphs, you can creatively and visually show statistics and data that can then be published in daily newspapers, magazines, posters or web pages. You can create them using Illustrator only.

Adobe Illustrator is actually a perfect program when it comes to creating designs and gives you the complete freedom to express your creativity. So if you’re still not familiar with Adobe Illustrator, why not try out all the options that this software can offer you?


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